"Let Me Take You Step by Step to Get You Live Streaming Like A Pro”

Stand Out. More Exposure. More Income

In this Course, You’ll See How You Can Start Live Streaming with Minimum Equipment, Software and Technical Know How

Live Streaming Course
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Ultimate Course | From Beginner to Pro

Everything you need to know to LIVE stream workshops, events, webinars
from my 14 Plus years of experience.

“I have not spent a dime in 13 years on Marketing or Advertising, all from Video, Live Steaming and Social Media”
Bardi Toto

Live Streaming is now the video communication platform of choice for federal governments, tech startups, religious communities, entrepreneurs, small businesses, musicians, corporations and everyone in between.

The World in 2020 has Changed!

There’s no denying, businesses must turn to the online world to reach a wider audience. The convenience and accessibility of the tools and platforms we have nowadays.
such as Live Streaming allows anyone to host their own virtual meeting, conference, music event or a virtual summit.

Live Streaming usage increased dramatically in March 2020 as the pandemic of COVID-19 forced many people to work remotely. The World will never be the same.

Work from ANYWHERE in the world and LIVE your DREAM.


Live Streaming Events Engage Audiences Everywhere

As consumers are more and more accustomed to watching video when and where they want, their expectations for live streaming will shift that way, too. In fact, one report found that 50% more are watching than a year ago. Through live video, consumers can connect with brands in a more authentic, immediate, and spontaneous way. Brands and organizations of all sizes want to reach customers and employees around the world, face-to-face, in real time to share their most exciting moments. So much, in fact, that these businesses are investing more in live video than ever before, with 40% more marketers more on Live Streaming than in years past.

Many brands and publishers are already experimenting with live streaming their events in a variety of ways outside of traditional events and conferences:

  • Behind-the-scenes video for loyal fans and audiences.
  • Q&As and direct conversations with customers or social audiences.
  • Special product announcements or launches.
  • Influencer partnerships where a brand features a guest speaker on the stream.

“Live video is a great way to humanize your brand, whenever we are able to put human faces on the screen, customers are able to see who we are and that we care” – Chick Fil-A

Live Steaming videos generate 10X more interactions than regular video, and remains a priority in its News Feed algorithm, guaranteeing visibility in an increasingly challenging landscape. The introduction of Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live, and other live video apps like TikTok and Snapchat only bolster the prevalence live video has in our lives today.

What are the benefits of using Live Streaming? 

  1. More Engagement.
  2. Its Free unless you are streaming to multiple platforms
  3. Full Video Replays
  4. More Income and Exposure


  • Live Streaming presents a great opportunity for businesses to interact with their target audience in real time.
  • Facebook adjusted their algorithm so that live videos appear higher in news feeds giving businesses all the more reason to go live.
  • Allows People to really get to know you vs hiding behind a post. Helps Build Credibility and trust
  • Live streams are perfect for product launches, giving your diehard fans the first peek into your latest product.

Here’s everything you need to know about Live Streaming, including how to download it and get started, along with a few tips and tricks to help you become a video-chatting pro.

What you'll learn

  • Produce high quality LIVE Streaming using the best tools from Zoom, Streamyard, Skype and YouTube Live
  • Choose proper gear and software that fit your needs – cameras, mics, capture cards, video mixers, encoders etc.
  • LIVE stream using free solutions like Facebook LIVE and YouTube LIVE as well as pro hosting providers
  • Avoid common issues
  • Do’s and Don’ts


  • PC or Mac with i5 or better processor.
  • Fast Internet connection (at least 2/2 Mb/s).
  • A digital camera with HDMI output or at least a webcam for testing.
  • Basic knowledge about how digital cameras work (optical zoom, white balance, focus, aperture).


*#1 Bestselling LIVE Streaming Course. 2500+ participants

*Everything you need to know to jump form a beginner to pro in one place.

*No paid promotion of any products (like in other courses). **

*Evergreen know-how based on my 14 years of experience

*Join my course and take your LIVE streams to the next level! *

Do you want to get unheard of tips and tools for Facebook LIVE and other live streaming platforms? LIVE stream a “TED-like” conference? Are you the online marketer that want to produce webinars to attract new customers? Perhaps a musician Maybe, you want to LIVE stream your online show or a new online course? Maybe you are a video producer with passion for learning new things and want to expand your video production services to get more customers and earn more money?

You are in the right hands! 🙂

Don’t worry – I will help you! I will teach you:

  • What gear to choose?
  • What platforms are the best for your business or niche?
  • How to connect everything together?
  • How to avoid common issues

Everything you need to know to start streaming in one place!

Let’s join this course and let’s do it LIVE! 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • You want to produce high quality LIVE streaming from workshops, conferences, online shows, sports and other events.

  • People with any business online or offline

  • You want to learn how to LIVE stream to build your LIVE streaming business and get new customers.

  • You want to get the most out of Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE and other new forms of LIVE streaming.

  • You want to sell more products and services by taking advantage of the Professional Webinars.

  • This course is NOT for people who want to live stream using webcams – I will be teaching more professional solutions.

OVER 1000 amazing HAPPY students have taken THIS course Instagram is a small time investment for a huge customer return!

There is an incredible opportunity on Instagram RIGHT NOW to attract the exact type of customer you are looking for. How do you get all of those followers and what do you do to get them to interact with your content? The average person reading this has the potential to make it big on Instagram.

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Stand Out. More Exposure. More Income. In this Course, You’ll See How You Can Start Live Streaming with Minimum Equipment, Software and Technical Know How. Live Streaming is now the video communication platform of choice for federal governments, tech startups, religious communities, entrepreneurs, small businesses, musicians, corporations and everyone in between. The World in 2020 has Changed!


Bardi Toto is a NYT Author, World renowned Branding Expert, Featured on The Daily Vee with Gary Vaynerchuk, in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, on IHeartRadio, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and other multiple media platforms. Her latest book Disrupt Your Brand Features a chapter with Gary Vee.

Bardi is known for her Trademarked programs Disrupt Your Brand and The Invisible Branding Method, world renowned mentoring program, The Power of Asking amongst other programs.

Bardi has been interviewed by one of the Top Influencers on the internet Gary Vaynerchuk and featured on the Daily Vee.

Voted #2 out of the top 100 Branding Experts to follow  on twitter and online. Founder and CEO, Kidsforgratitude.org, also CEO of a Web Design, Branding/Digital Marketing Agency. Bardi has been featured in Forbes magazine with her “Disruptive” Style of Branding and Marketing strategies implementing Gratitude. She has been featured on TV with her Marketing Stratiegies, books The Power of Asking and Thinking Upside Down Living Rightside Up, which include BOLD TV Business, Good Morning Texas, Living 808, ABC,CBS and NBC television, a variety of radio shows. She has also been in several business magazines which have strengthened her proven track record helping Authors, Small business owners, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies and Professional businesses effectively use Social Media. Her book became a #1 Best Seller in LESS THAN 2 hrs in the top 3 Categories.

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